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Special Issues and Edited Volumes




Rijk van Dijk, Hansjörg Dilger, Marian Burchardt, and Thera Rasing (eds.) 2014. Religion and AIDS-Treament in Africa: Prolonging Life, Saving Souls.  London: Ashgate. Read the table of contents online Religion and AIDS Treatment in Africa
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Marian Burchardt, Louise Mubanda Rasmussen, and Amy S. Patterson (eds.) 2013. The Politics and Anti-Politic of Collective Action: Religion and HIV/AIDS in Africa. Special issue of Canadian Journal of African Studies 47 (2). Read the table of contents online  Canadian Journal of African Studies/La Revue canadienne des études africaines
Eileen Moyer, Marian Burchardt, and Rijk van Dijk (eds.) 2013. Sexuality, Intimacy and Counseling: Perspectives from Africa. Special issue of Culture, Health and Sexuality 15 (Supplement 4). Read the table of contents online  culture health sexuality
Hansjörg Dilger, Marian Burchardt and Rijk van Dijk (eds.) 2010. The redemptive moment: HIV treatments and the production of new religious spaces. Special section of African Journal of AIDS Research 9(4). Read the table of contents online
Ruth Prince, Philippe Denis, and Rijk van Dijk (eds.) 2009.
Engaging Christianities: Negotiating HIV/AIDS, Health, and Social Relations in East and Southern Africa. Special issue of Africa Today 56 (1). Read the table of contents online
Marian Burchardt, Anita Hardon and Josien de Klerk 2009. Faith Matters. Religion and Biomedical Treatment for HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa. Diemen: AMB. Read as PDF